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Face of Nigeria (FON) is a vibrant modeling contest that explores the beauty, talents and contributions of fashion in Nigeria. It is a combination of runway fashion in the aim of promoting positive image for Social, Cultural, Health, Wealth, Charity and Beauty in Nigeria.


The cause of  ensuring a bright future for the less privileged is one that requires the attention of all Nigerians, in view of that the face of Nigeria beauty pageant is a charity event that supports the less privileged with the objective of preserving the lives of  children that are less privileged in Nigeria.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to the less privileged in Nigeria  


The contest does not restrict itself to the mass media’s portrayal of beauty but showcases a variety of beauty, talents and fashion of Nigeria women around the world. We help to fish out build one lady, who possess natural beauty, poise, communication skills, great talent, style, good cat walking and foster the good charitable work in Nigeria


The Face of Nigeria (FON) promises to be a most fulfilling experience in discovering best designers and super models in Nigeria.


This glamorous event shall be graced by diplomats, fashion designers, and heads of prominent organizations, credible charities, entertainment industry leaders, and the Nigerian super models.




MODEL CORNER: is an agency that has the heart of fashion and advertising of models in Nigeria, we are poised to provide the perfect models needed for the perfect job.



There has been a relatively huge but yet unidentified “error” in the Nigerian Business/Entertainment world and that is a lack in the usage of naturally endowed models in the improvement/promotions of these industries, which leads to a high demand of models in Nigeria today.

Model Corner Agency is to fill that demand with finest talented individuals that have the potentials to grace pages of top fashion magazines, billboards, calendars, fit into movies, music and all branded products. Also featuring on runways and pageantry’s.Jekajo.mp3